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Fairytale Promises

Lessons learned…

By A.MoriahPublished 6 months ago 1 min read
Fairytale Promises
Photo by Erick Butler on Unsplash

Promises, promises,

So many promises,

You never intended

To keep.

You made me feel

Like a Queen in my right,

Or a Princess,

Not burdened by sleep.

You showed me a world

Of romance and lust,

Promising love,

Promising trust.

You always knew

Exactly what to say.

You built me up

But then took it away.

You spun tales

Giving me dreams

Of a future in which

You never intended to be.

You spoke of a home

A place we could be.

You and me

And baby makes three.

I wanted that life,

A life with you.

But you were just playing me,

Through and through.

I wanted to find myself

Safe in your arms,

A loving embrace

To keep us both warm.

I let you touch

Every part of me.

I was madly in love.

Couldn’t you see?

Or did you enjoy

The attention I gave,

A love so strong

With a power to save,

Even you.

You left me in pieces,

Shattered to my core.

I couldn’t understand,

Why you didn’t love me anymore.

Or is it more likely that

You simply never did?

You didn’t really want me,

I was just a kid.

I would have given you everything,

Of my fears I’d let go,

But you just wanted attention,

To stoke your pathetic ego.

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At heart, I am a nature loving, historically enthusiastic, artist and writer.

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