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fairy girl

for the wild children

By Rebekah ElisabethPublished about a year ago Updated 12 months ago 1 min read
fairy girl @mofnytbsa

fairy girl,

with your gossamer wings

and your needle-sharp teeth,

they gather now

to watch you dance.

in the moonlight they see beauty,

but truly you are haunting.

the forest is your orchestra,

this clearing all your stage.

they watch—enchanted;

in the wind, you bend

but never break—

no misstep,

a mistake.

forest girl,

with your knotted hair

and your calloused bare feet,

they run now

from your wild dance.

in the moonlight you are wicked,



their nightmares are your metaphors,

the beasts of the night your audience.

they watch—enchanted,

for they know

you will not break,

you are a wild thing.

By miro polca on Unsplash

(This piece has been previously published on Teen Ink)

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