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by Adesh Acharya 7 months ago in inspirational
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Failure: Oh You Beauty! Even God failed: I am the testimony!

Photo by kira schwarz from Pexels


the spark of reality!

Nothing drops you harder to the ground.

Play your sankha over the death of my hope

billion voices already phssing over gravity and me tying rope.

One shot of the syringe containing this realization

and all those who've flied, climbed, dived,

had ride, lied, discharged, fried...

dancing with joy

In this colourful, vivid world,

full of peace, flowers and fragrance

and lovers and love and sweet melodies and

positiveness and warmth and gentleness and greatness:


while you:

locked in this hell of a world full of:



traitors: Failure!


Oh You Beauty!

even your God failed

I am the testimony...

I am like God

f- you all!

and the bloody hope is back again

that means got to try yet again

got to tell success yet again:

Their God is in me so nothing in vain!


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