by Andrea Jardine about a month ago in inspirational

(From: Her Dark Night)


Failure is the most beautiful gift

To receive

But the hardest

To accept

We’re taught to fear it

To hide desperately

For it will attack

And weaken you

As if it’s a ravenous beast

Stalking you from the shadows

Saliva surging from its mouth

Its eyes forever locked on you

You can sense it but you can’t see it

You walk fearfully but alert

While it follows calmly, steadily

Embracing its instinct

Its seamlessly timed swipes

Penetrate fully into your flesh

Incapacitating you

The scars part of you always


Without failure

I wouldn’t know

What it’s like

To stand strong

Look fear in the eyes

And release my voice

Into the world

How does it work?
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