Fade Away

by Kate Grafton 26 days ago in sad poetry

All Alone

Fade Away
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Let me sit still forever

Or find me a reason to go on.

Is it too simple to say “Never?”

To someone before they are gone.

Loneliness is no stranger

Yet it is no friend of mine.

It is my hidden danger

But nothing really feels fine.

Feel the wind blow through my soul

As I sit here waiting

But I do not give up at all.

I will not be beaten down now.

I know I’m bound to fall

It’s always just been me

All I really want is love.

Give me a day when I can be

Flying in the sky like a dove.

With every passing day

It’s as if I’m fading away

If I could just find the right line

Then you could be mine.

Just give me a light

Give me a chance.

All I want to do is end the fight

But no one will give me a passing glance.

sad poetry
Kate Grafton
Kate Grafton
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