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by Nisha Rai 3 months ago in sad poetry


Photo by Giorgio Grani on Unsplash

It disappears..

The past empty pages of memories!!

Walking behind the future,,

I am the lone traveler in the broken boat!!

On every page find me a greedy one

having the greediest identity of all.

The mind thinks about me and only my

hands always ahead in only gain

life ends in the path of sins

no heaven but crushed on earth

How is the world? can only be seen with light

yes it's only fabricated that we see

yes it's only the moment it vanishes

yes it creases when this empty life ends

how is the world? can only be seen with light

so I go on.......

sad poetry

Nisha Rai

A girl from a small country passionate about blogging and trying to explore the world through media. Learning from other's ideas and trying to understand various things through work. Trying to connect with every people possible.

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Nisha Rai
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