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extreme overthinking

by Poems by Kiesha 11 months ago in sad poetry
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extreme overthinking in my brain

i could not even begin to explain

you never gave me my closure

you left suddenly and it was over

you always see me and it is like nothing ever happened

everyone believes i just imagined

i used to feel like we connected

but now i just feel neglected

was i not enough for you?

were you bored and needed someone new?

thousands of questions

tell me your confessions

i need some sort of answer

overthinking is my cancer

it is the reason i stay up so late at night

thinking why i was not right

every time i see you and need my closure

you ignore me because i am not sober

so on a day where i have not been drinking

please come and end my overthinking

sad poetry

About the author

Poems by Kiesha

šš ššŽšš•ššŒšš˜šš–ššŽ šššš˜ šš–šš¢ šš šš˜šš›šš•šš. šš šš‘ššŽšš›ššŽ šš ššŽ ššŠšš›ššŽ šššš‘ššŽ ššŒšš‘šš’šš•šššš›ššŽšš— šš˜šš šššš‘ššŽ ššžšš—šš’ššŸššŽšš›ššœššŽ. šš—šš˜ šš•ššŽššœššœ šššš‘ššŠšš— šššš‘ššŽ šššš›ššŽššŽššœ šš˜šš› šššš‘ššŽ ššœššššŠšš›ššœ. šš ššŽ šš‘ššŠššŸššŽ ššŠ šš›šš’šššš‘šš šššš˜ šš‹ššŽ šš‘ššŽšš›ššŽ ā€

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