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"Existence is pain!" and Other Lies I've Told Myself - Mija Richardson

by Mija Richardson 25 days ago in social commentary

chapter 4 - texture

glass, my heart. open and see-through. there isn't a lot to hide, you see. vulnerability at it's finest. chip. blinking and it's changing. chip. tears become something non existent. chip. hard now, not fluid. harder, pouring rock. crack. true individual thinking. crack. chip. falling? failing. crack. fractures, oh how the truth shows itself. fragile.

wood, my body. structured and solid. not much hiding here, either. chip. blinking and it's changing. chip. tears scorch through the grain. chip. flowing flowing flowing down the ravines. splinter. is this what i actually want? tumble. burn. pain? pain. oh how the hurt shows itself. charred.

social commentary

Mija Richardson

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Mija Richardson
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