by Amber Gant 8 months ago in heartbreak

Still heartbreakers


I hate that I gave them children, a lifelong bond.

I will forever be just a piece of ass they lost.

I was never and will never be someone they cherished.

Not someone to kiss softly and look at as I sleep and thank god we are together.

Not someone to adore for my strengths as well as my weaknesses.

They do not know what makes me tick.

Just a body that warmed the bed and filled the void for a time.

It's TRUE I love to serve and please but it is because I love as deeply and I breath.

Yet they are just quick to steal my breaths.

Amber Gant
Amber Gant
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Amber Gant

Writing is my passion and life blood, it is something that brings me happiness and helps me heal. I hope to share what I have made with you all, taking something frayed, tattered and broken from life and making it beautiful.

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