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Everything can be Smoked

by Saman Abrar Khan 6 months ago in sad poetry
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The unsaid

And I tested your doctrine

That everything can be smoked

You just try it

Your lungs will burn once

You may cough your blood out

But then you will get eternal pleasure

Feeling as light as a feather

Yup! You were right

Once I cursed smoking

Now I second it

You persuaded me

Celebrate your success!

Now I am a chain smoker

Of grief and everything that hurts

Of memory of snakes I nurtured

Of heat of misunderstandings

Of long lethargic sleepless nights

Of the regrets of today and tomorrow

Of the crisis, embarrasment, envy

Above all

Of the broken dreams that pierced into my eyes

Even that of my entire existence

A chain smoker

Who smokes everyting

'Everything can be smoked'

This is my faith now

This is what I believe in

One among the lessons life has taught me

And I do smoke, smoke and smoke

And I feel as light as I don't exist at all.

sad poetry

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Saman Abrar Khan

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