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Every Kiss

by Sypha 2 months ago in love poems


I kissed her

Not rushing only seeking

What made her blush, that taste on her lips

What was she used to?

Rough and meaningless?

Rough and sweet?

Gentle like a flutter from a butterfly's wings

You hardly notice it end or begin

Only that feeling lingers so strong

It lasts longer than any kiss

Does she like to fight back, or give you everything she is

With no hesitation letting my tongue entwine with hers

Letting me hold her closer and closer

Caressing every inch

Does she try and undress or let me do it for her

Is she expecting that I'm expecting more

In her mind is she aware I only want this kiss

Nothing more than to know these lips

Sex is pleasurable except I'd get high on simply leaving hickey's on her hips

Trailing back up to her neck where her pulse is racing wild

Back down to her breast

Sucking and biting

Learning everything, every secret only her body can tell me

Using every sense to dig deeper

From tasting her, hearing her gasp and moan, feeling her body shiver where I touch her

Smelling her perfume that intoxicates my lungs

Drawing me in further

To seeing even in the dark how a kiss here or there

Can drive her over the edge

I yearn her with every kiss


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