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by James Crawford 2 years ago in nature poetry
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A poem about evenings


The orange is dimming

over the mountainside

Calming my soul

idling my mind

We pass out words

through our walls

into the skies

Hoping our deities

watch us in the night


all at once

we are consumed



comatose by the moon

Our neurons are alerted

of the new, dead air

Current becomes visions

so immediate yet so fair

Hours turn to minutes

minutes become seconds

The first vision intermission

and the orange light beckons

Minds are ignited

souls are engaged

For good and evil

novel orange on a revolving day

2020 is the orange

burning all that disagrees

Hold onto your evenings

everyone deserves peace


LBRY: https://lbry.tv/@JamesWC:8/tadej-skofic-VWxiaKn-lVc-unsplash:6

nature poetry

About the author

James Crawford

Just a simple Christian/techie/gamer that also goes by the musical artist name "JimJams" as well as "newbpcsir" on Twitch and YouTube. You could say I've got a thing for music, gaming, sci-fi, technology and writing stuff.

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