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by 11 months ago in nature poetry


Photo by Anton Darius on Unsplash

Oh! thou bright-beaming god, the plains are thirsting,

Thirsting for freshening dew, and man is pining;

Wearily move on thy horses

Let, then, thy chariot descend!

Seest thou her who, from ocean's crystal billows,

Lovingly nods and smiles? Thy heart must know her!

Joyously speed on thy horses,

Tethys, the goddess, 'tis nods!

Swiftly from out his flaming chariot leaping,

Into her arms he springs, the reins takes Cupid,

Quietly stand the horses,

Drinking the cooling flood.

Now from the heavens with gentle step descending,

Balmy night appears, by sweet love followed;

Mortals, rest ye, and love ye,

Phoebus, the loving one, rests!

nature poetry

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