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Eucalyptus Beach

Poem of Nature

By Talia DevoraPublished 3 years ago 1 min read

The frosted blue celeste

with hints of golden sun.

Palm trees swinging like hula hoops

leafy pine bushes hydrated.

The libo bay waves

playing beach music.

The scent of the wind

is fragrant as green tea.

Large wooden bridges

standing on the malibu ocean.

Navy crows flying

reaching for the little cloud.

Crimson starfishes

tanning on the sand.

Kingfishers strolling

sandhouses perching.

Jackfruit trees

coconut shacks.

Prussian sailboats

sacramento villas.

nature poetry

About the Creator

Talia Devora

Poetess, visual artist and lifestyle/quiz writer! My pastimes include reading, sleeping, gaming, music, fitness, etc! Be yourselves, be kind and value life! Let's connect and be friends!

My IG accounts: @tdwrites24 & @tdcreates97

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