Eternity Beach

by Brendan Blowers about a year ago in love poems

A Poem About Losing Yourself

Eternity Beach

Lying on the beach

sand between our toes

you roll back to me

The gulls soar

their wings spread full

caressed by the burning sun

we are them

we are the laughing gulls

and the blood orange sky

as it melts and steams into the waves

and we are the restless sea

where the tide swells

let’s live in the bright blue oceans

of each other’s eyes

bending our glistening backs over the slippery rocks

eagerly and confidently

night and day will cease to exist

there is only your breath

and eyelashes thick

with salty kisses

your voice

urging my lungs to go on

filling the beat

of my lover's heart

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Brendan Blowers
Brendan Blowers
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Brendan Blowers

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