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"Eternally Bound: A Tribute to the Power of Friendship"

"Eternally Bound: A Tribute to the Power of Friendship"

By Harshit VermaPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Image by Sajjad Saju from Pixabay

Friendship, a bond that endures the test of time

A union forged by laughter and shared memories combined

A safe haven, where secrets are kept and hearts can heal

A place where true selves are revealed

From childhood days, to the brink of adulthood

Friends stand by each other, in good times and bad moods

Supporting and lifting each other, through thick and thin

A true friend is a gift, one to cherish within

In moments of laughter, friends light up the room

With jokes and antics, banishing all gloom

In moments of sadness, friends offer a shoulder to cry on

With words of comfort and wisdom, until the night is gone

Friends are like stars in the sky, shining bright and bold

Guiding each other, from the darkness into the light untold

With laughter, joy and love, they light up our days

Bringing happiness in the most unexpected ways

In the journey of life, friends are the ones who stay

Lending a hand, in the best and worst of ways

Through joy and pain, good times and strife

Friends remain steadfast, for the rest of life

So here’s to the bond of friendship, a treasure to hold

A bond that blossoms, like a flower in the spring, untold

A bond that enriches our lives, with laughter, love and light

Here’s to friends, who make every day a delight.

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