Eternal Flame

by Amber Crocker 3 years ago in sad poetry

A Loop Not Worth It

Eternal Flame

I think before you

did that what we

have before us is

the end of you

and me. It is the

end of something dragged

through the mud, a

hollow feeling that will

only go away when

we part. What we had

could be counted

on one hand but

has felt like an

eternity. why do you

want to struggle here?

Neither of us is

happy, you know as

well as I do

we are better off alone.

What's the point of

masochism when you receive

no pleasure in the end?

We are stuck here, living

in an eternity

of passive aggressive rage.

What is wrong with

us? why are we

like this, staying where

we are unhappy?

It is insane to

believe that everything

I have worked for

burned down in flames.

The flames of which

I directly and indirectly

lit with those around me.

I look back and what

I see before me are

all the bridges I have

personally burnt to the

ground, never to be

crossed again. Ahead

of me in the direction

I plan on going is

a new, long path. One

my hands have not yet

ruined, one where I

will slowly build new

bridges to cross. There

is hope that these ones

will not get burned as well.

Time will tell, eventually,

as I go, and as I age.

What hope is there

to have? We live in

a world without

happiness, in a world

where entertainment in

the media world is

ingrained in our

minds to the point where

if we do not have

it, we have no idea

what to do with ourselves.

Our nation lives for the

internet, the news, the

television, but where does

the line stop between

having responsibilities and

having things to find

mind numbing pleasure

in? We may be trapped

in a loop, a catch-22,

between what we are

required to do and

what we want to do.

Do you really

believe this is

worth all the stress,

all the madness, all

of the sadness? You have

worked so hard to

get and keep what

you thought you wanted

or deserved. Now it

feels like all of the blood,

sweat and tears

have backfired on you,

doesn't it? Is it

really worth all the

trouble? This is something

that you have to

figure out for yourself,

since nobody else

will come to save you

if you hit rock bottom.

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Amber Crocker
Amber Crocker
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