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Eternal Embrace

Whispers of the Heart

By evansPublished 12 months ago 1 min read

In the realm of love, where emotions intertwine,

Where hearts beat in rhythm, a dance so divine,

Let me pen a poem, a tale of affection,

To express the depths of my heartfelt connection.

In your eyes, I find the sparkle of stars,

Guiding me through life, no matter how far.

Your smile, a beacon of warmth and delight,

Bringing sunshine to my darkest night.

Your touch, like silk, ignites a fire within,

A gentle caress, erasing every sin.

With every breath, I feel your essence near,

A love so profound, it's crystal clear.

In your embrace, I find solace and peace,

A sanctuary where all worries cease.

Your voice, a melody, soothing and sweet,

Whispering words only my heart can meet.

Together we've woven a tapestry rare,

Bound by a love that nothing can tear.

Through highs and lows, we stand side by side,

With unwavering love, our souls collide.

In your presence, time seems to stand still,

Moments with you, a treasure I will fulfill.

For you are the muse that paints my heart,

Forever entwined, never to depart.

So let this poem be a testament true,

To the love that I have, only for you.

In this world of chaos, you are my peace,

My eternal love, may it never cease.

In every word and line that I compose,

Know that my love for you forever flows.

You are my muse, my reason to strive,

In this love poem, I offer you my life.

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