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Escape Route

there's no place like home

By Abbey Published 2 years ago 1 min read
Escape Route
Photo by Isis Pan on Unsplash

It was a quiet I had never known before

When I touched ground, closing the car door

Where were all the lights and sounds?

Must’ve left them in my hometown

The sky looked brighter, the grass greener

Along with it came a new demeanor

Forget the suburbs, we’ll settle in the countryside

Where the tea is iced and the chicken fried

Around each corner another rolling hill

So windy, we installed a mill

It took awhile to grow on me

But how could I be upset surrounded by trees?

Even the strangers smile and wave

The produce stand sells the fresh tomatoes I crave

Beautiful flowers grow in my driveway

Plenty of room for my dogs to play

My back porch steps are a great place to think

Or sit and watch the sunset turn pink

It’s hard not to miss the city sometimes

But the city could never inspire these rhymes

Our house may not be the most glamorous

But at least we can say it belongs to us

Before I go to bed each night

I get to dance under the starlight

When I rise in the morning

A chorus of birds begin to sing

And I am once again reminded

That the life I previously lived

Was ready to chew me up and spit me out

If I hadn’t found my escape route

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