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by Kenneth cruz 7 days ago in sad poetry

Longing to break free: A poem by Ken Cruz

I'd bleed on a page

But don't have a stage

Trapped in this cage

Filled with hidden rage

Demons that aren't afraid of your sage

I try to turn a page

But the book just seems one in the same

Words that try to explain the pain

But instead find my refrain

I retool and retrain

But can't escape experiences in my brain

So I cling to what I can try to sustain

Gripping and clinging as I strive to maintain

My heart can't be tamed

And I can't seem to escape the disdain

But I know and keep the faith that one day I'll elevate to a new and different plane

So I hold my breath longing to stake my claim longing to escape the mundane

I don't seek fame

But do long for a voice one in the same

Long for a change

Pray for regrowth like a dog with mange

I glance around at a world deranged

And wonder what's my place

Or if I'll steady pace

Wondering how I'll finish this mad race

I find inspiration in a face

And hold my experiences like a strange unfamiliar taste

I deal with life's tribulations like a court case

And play every card like it's an ace

And in the end hope all of this doesn't go to waste.

sad poetry
Kenneth cruz
Kenneth cruz
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Kenneth cruz
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