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By Cullen HogganPublished 10 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Dave Hoefler on Unsplash

I feel the weight of my chains, And struggle against them in vain. I fall and see others fall like rain.

Lead in lines, to our demise. Every plan devised was abandoned without a second try. There is no escape so do not lie. Under our chains we drown and die.

This is the end of the road, no other bend. I see the trickster laughing as he rends flesh from bone. His back is bare, but now he is not alone.

Then in the shadow I see a light, it illuminates this abyssal night in my soul. It has been so long that I lose my sight and am unaware of its role. It takes flight and I see I am its goal. It; no he ignites the chains and my strength is full.

He comes close and looks in my eyes, I only ask him one question: why? His warm smile so very wide, I will never forget his reply.

"I know your pain, and your earthly sorrow. So I removed the weight of your chains, their threats are hollow. But you must choose today, not tomorrow. To forsake the world, and in my path follow."

His words are music to my ears, he silenced my every fear. To him I wish to be near, so his wisdom I may hear. He walks the waves while I wait at the pier, Because to him I know I am dear.

So if you think you must accept your fate, You need to know you need not wait. For he walked the path and entered the gate. There is hope; there is escape.


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Cullen Hoggan

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