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Environmental Society


Environmental Society

*This is a palindrome poem—read every line until the end, then read every line going back up.

The Environment

It does not matter to us, but what does is




We could not care less about

The essentials of life

Trees, rivers, and animals

What humankind needs to survive


Buildings, cars, money, and houses

Our ears are closed to the people who believe that

Nature is our god, and everything that grows from it.

We must let nature suffocate for our own kind.

We no longer believe that

Food, water, and paper should be conserved.

It all just finds its way back to us anyway.

We can not trick ourselves to believe that

We should be grateful for what we have, because

That is false.

We need to kill more whales, more elephants, and more gorillas.

And we chose not to listen to the people who believe that

The environment has a positive impact on our world.

But this is all behind us, and now we must believe that

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Mikayla Warguez
Mikayla Warguez
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