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Enter Sunshine

by Amy Christie 2 months ago in inspirational
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Oust unlit thoughts

I go into this forest,

not ready to meet challenge,

I hope for kind words

and a song,

that takes away the pain,

lets tears go in rainbows,

no sorrow or regrets,

no misstep to look back,

I want to start tomorrow

among the leaves I know

and always loved.


Is it me or another,

this new beginning dawns in heart,

do I still know what I believed,

would I turn page,

tear words apart,

would I go on

into the distance

if I but heard a sigh

asking me to come back

stay inside winter and freeze heart,

could soul bear one more season

of sadness with no light

to make cheeks merry

or spread smiles,

no way to know

if I mattered or simply stayed

because I couldn't leave

the dust

soaring behind.


I take another step,

each one faster than loss,

I will not think of what has been,

what comes next is my wish,

what I adored gone in the ash,

I let all dark thoughts fly,

set soul free to new dreams,

I won't go on

without a melody,

I need soul music

and despair

has no chance to surrender,

no heart of mine

will let it stay

where once was loss and shadow

I let sunny glow rise.


In hide-and-seek with love,

I find myself again

the one I was,

the way I laughed,

looked at the stars,

before everything changed and skies

turned steel from morning blessing

took pain, unending hail

only made house walls gray

with sorrow

and dismay.


I go to meet sunshine,

this meadow knows my name,

the love I gave

stayed on the breeze,

waiting in lace of time

this second chance I take

to live again

a life of happy endings

away from hail.


© 2022 Amy Christie

Photo credit: Pexels


About the author

Amy Christie

Passionate writer and journalist, striving to create meaningful connections.

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