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Enough Is Enough

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

By Earl W. PearlPublished 3 months ago 1 min read

You wonder why no one invites you to play

You’re rude and you’re nasty, you put people off

Something about you turns people away

And faking you’re friendly makes everyone scoff

There’s givers and takers but you only take

You’ve never done something for someone in need

And even with all of the money you make

Your chronic condition appears to be greed

You’re always expecting somebody to give

So somebody needed to educate you

You wanted a life that no others can live

Unwilling to do the jobs others would do

Your actions speak into the person you are

Whatever you purchase you constantly flaunt

For instance your condo and shiny new car

You’re clearly that narcissist no one will want

I’m sorry I broke natures protocol here

You don’t see the person the rest of us see

I’m here in the mirror to help you my dear

I wish you were more a reflection of me

fact or fiction

About the Creator

Earl W. Pearl

I’ve been writing poetry (rhyming mostly) for about 7 years and have recently transitioned to writing novels and short stories. My poetry genres are faith, humor, social issues, politics, pretty much any subject matter.

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