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Ying or Yang

By Jason ShipleyPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

I am an enigma,the type that parents are perplexed about when talking to their kids; I was from one end of the spectrum to the other depending on what part of my life was used as talking zone

At school I was the one each and every parent would want their kids to be like; Through the 8th grade I never missed a class plus never had to try

Still made straight A's plus honor system each and every semester; Accomplishing all I could even now it is hard to digest or register

Thinking that he must study hard to do what he does could not be further from the truth; Yet to them I was the example they used to try to give their kids that nudge or boost

I was the one a Father would not mind their little girl bringing home on a date; Since from appearances alone I was a hard working young man on my way to becoming someone great

Then their is the other side of the coin that makes me the enigma that I am for sure; The side of me that began once school was done and flying out the school door

Then I became the one your parents would most definitely fear suffice to say; The one a Father would answer the door with a gun in hand to try and scare away

If your kid was around my age plus did drugs at that time; There is an extremely good chance I got your money when the drugs went to their hand from mine

I was a known teenage gang member with little to no regard; For anyone's rules or curfews set to follow when your daughter was in my car

I would stay out all night long partying then go change clothes and go to class; Somehow never having any problems passing any course from first period to last

You would assume I was a good kid based off teachers remarks or how I talked when we would meet; All while being on probation continually since age of 10 with an extensive rap sheet

The only thing to match my nice list of scholarly achievements; Would be all charges I had faces in juvenile court as well as personal grievances

I stayed in juvenile court non stop it seemed from age 10-17; Underage smoking, assault, battery, theft, even attempted murder, I was far from clean

But as they say appearances are everything, to that I was A OK; Unless you was from my neck of the woods you would think I was good making all straight A's

All my friends and fellow students would always ask me what my secret was; How could I stay out all night doing what ever I wanted then show up to school with a buzz

Yet my grades would not slip even the slightest; According to my teachers and fellow students I considered to be the brightest

But if you knew me from the streets that would blow your mind; How is it possible for me to attain honors in school while hustling and partying all the time.

To me I was just blessed far more than I would ever expect to be or deserved; I mean I would have thought that what I got would been set to ide for others and reserved

Yet I was still doing it so must been on the big man's good graces and his side; Numerous times I was razor close to prison sentences and somehow someway just scrape by

So saying I am enigma, you could take that to the umpteenth degree; I was just truly different and blessed way beyond my capabilities to be able to see

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