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Empty Raft On River

An empty raft adrift on the stream

By Bilal HaiderPublished 5 months ago 1 min read
Empty Raft On River
Photo by Meritt Thomas on Unsplash

An empty raft adrift on the stream

Drifting through time like a forgotten dream

A vessel once full of hopes and desires

Now a mere shell, with nothing to inspire

The water carries it along its way

A solitary figure in the light of day

No oars to steer, no destination in sight

Just the gentle current, leading it right

The banks on either side pass on by

As the raft floats beneath a clear blue sky

The sun beats down on its empty hull

As it glides along, quiet and still

Perhaps it once held a joyous crew

Laughing and paddling, enjoying the view

But now it is just a memory of the past

Drifting away, fading fast

And yet there is something calming and serene

About this lonely raft, so peaceful and clean

It reminds us to let go and let life take control

To trust in the journey and not the goal

So let it float, let it be free

A symbol of life's uncertainty

For even in its emptiness, it holds a certain grace

As it glides down the river, at a steady pace.


About the Creator

Bilal Haider

A person who loves to share experiences and adventures .

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