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No longer feeling.

No longer caring.

Just an empty vessel.

Moving through life without thinking.

No longer reacting.

No longer responding.

Just emptiness.

No more emotions.

No more feelings.

Shutting the world out.

Love was all that I had and I gave it away.

Piece by piece until it was gone.

All with hope that someone would return the love.

It was never returned.

It was taken and now it's all gone.

There's no more to give so I've shut myself off.

Set on autopilot.

No longer letting emotions navigate my life.

No more to give.

Nothing left to see.

Life has changed me along with the people who betrayed me.

All the tears have been cried.

All the fights have been lost.

The anger has subsided.

The what if's are gone.

All that is left is an emptiness.

An echo in my chest from where the love once lived.

Hollowness in my eyes where joy use to spark a light.

Nothing lives here anymore.

Just an emotionless empty vessel.

Love was given away.

Happiness was taken.

Anger burned out.

Sadness emptied out when the tears could no longer fall.

Nothing is left.

Nothing at all.

Just empty.


sad poetry
LeAnn Murch
LeAnn Murch
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LeAnn Murch
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