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Emotional Pain is Real

by Brenda Mahler 27 days ago in social commentary

Verses from two points of view

Emotional Pain is Real
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Kayla Laird Speaks

A smile covers my feelings

Nothing seems to matter




Weights shackle




Pulling me down

With each day my smile grows

“I am fine,” I say




Pulled by the darkness

of a damp hole

unable to crawl out

Dazed to my core

ready to explode with




like an open, shaken soda

Empty of contents

The easiest way out is to

let go of the




The smile fades

My façade is void

My silent words scream

I have a final plan

Tiffany Summers Speaks

People are important to me

I want to be a friend but

being present is tiring

Each text, each call

drained my strength

My life has few problems

but I sink from concerns

It isn’t fair; I am so lucky

while others

in the same neighborhood

church, school,

with the same friends

endure daily despair

After days — no weeks -


providing support,

someone made a new rule

I must find time for myself

be a kid

Following their rulebook

I turned off my phone

Her calls and texts

went unanswered

Now that she doesn’t call,

I crave to hear her voice,

share her pain,

Be there for her

Grief doesn’t define

my torment

I will never again

feel happiness

be a kid

She will never text again

These two poems are excerpts from a recently published book, Lockers Speak, by Brenda Mahler. This collection of 145 poems shares voices of high school students who address life daily.

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Brenda Mahler

Stories about life that inspire emotions - mostly humor.

Lessons about writing based on my textbook, Strategies for Teaching Writing.

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