Email To K.J.

by The Mwanga 6 months ago in heartbreak

Part 2

Email To K.J.
K.J. Replies

I've received your email

My heart hurts to know i failed

As a friend and boyfriend

I failed

You were my greatest love

The purest soul

I have ever known

No longer whole

Extremely scared to let you go

Not a day goes by

Where i

Don't think about the times we shared

Your piercing brown eyes

Flawless stretch marks

In the crevice of your thighs

Missing your scent

They way your hair always smell like peppermint

Yes I'm with her but i reminisce

When i

Would hold you close

Kiss your ear

And you'd rub my neck and run your fingers through my hair

Tell you i'm love with you

That I'm never going no where

We'd sit in the car in front of your house

Talk for hours cause you didn't want to get out

Hopefully I

Get the chance to be with you again

I still want to be your man

Maybe in the next life

You'll be mine

I won't let you down

Next time i'll get it right

Make you my wife

I'll always love you

As long as i'm alive

The Mwanga
The Mwanga
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