Elegy for My Father

by Rob Reidburn 3 months ago in sad poetry


Elegy for My Father

The man who died was a loved one.

Not just a loved one, although a loved one first and foremost.

But also a messiah, a prophet, and a teacher.

A messiah, for I secretly looked to him for salvation,

through him or his teachings;

A prophet, for he said what would come to be,

as he had already lived it.

A teacher, for he gave me his wisdom, his knowledge, and his

opinions, so that I may learn to deal with the world;

And also a counselor, for he made me laugh when there was

nothing in the world I needed more than a smile.

But first and foremost, a loved one, a father.

There are countless ways that I would not be here without him.

I can travel through life by myself now,

But the next few leagues will not be the happiest.

He will be there with me, with all of us.

At first, we will simply not see him.

We will always love you, Dad.

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Rob Reidburn

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