moon melts into earth?


While hiking Sutter Hill

I once asked a miner, a salty 49er, where gold and silver came from.

He chuckled and told me:

"On a balmy October night, many years ago

while all the creatures in the forest crept

and every man and woman slept

the moon hit the earth inept

spilling out molten electrum into the rivers and streams

transforming everything downstream into glitter and gleam

and on he went:

Now days since have passed where all-on-yonder you see

are silver dollars that make ya holler

and pans of gold unfold beyond man's stories untold...

Keep your eye on the dream of those things unseen

and travel far and wide on a train of steam

and-eventually-you'll find your eternal spring!"

nature poetry
Tony Martello
Tony Martello
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Tony Martello

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