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Electric Blue Dreams

by Annie Wood 7 days ago in inspirational

a poem

Blue pen drawing by the author, Annie Wood

yesterday as I slept

my thinking mind took a trip

one carry on bag and a personal item

many checked bags

too many to count

filled with doubts

and fears

and what might-have-beens

one of us had to sit on top of the bags

so the other one could zip them up

when the flight took off

and my mind was empty

the indigo moon filled up my emptiness with a plan

the moon brought me electric blue dreams in sapphire hues

caressing me with tranquil promises

showing me visions of art

playing me sounds of words

when my eyes opened

I awoke to a story

of my own creation

the story had nothing to do with the others

it was all about me

my gift is my focus

my drive

my motor

my vision

my life is solely

my creation.

Annie Wood
Annie Wood
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Annie Wood

I'm an Israeli-American, Hollywood, CA native

who writes fiction, plays, essays & poetry. A common theme of mine is embracing your youness by not following the fold.

Also, I'm a TV/film actor & mixed media artist.


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