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Electric Blue

by Jade Laurel about a year ago in surreal poetry
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From Blue to Gold

Electric blue

An untamed bolt,

Of jagged, spectacular light

Electric cool hues

striking suddenly

And without warning

She is the type of being,

with a reputation for leaving marks

Scorching the land

Catching the eye

And in a flicker, she goes

Voltaic mind

Made with a heart a shade of blue,

dubbing her the melancholy queen

Her heart is like the ocean,





She cannot be conquered,

Lightning does the conquering,

Ocean waves do not succumb,

The waves make the rules,

Adorned with the grimmest shades,

And a soul powered by sad things,

Her cool heart, not cold

But bluer than blue

Still pure enough to engage warmth,

Full of energy to be exchanged,

In a single touch

She transforms,

From blue to gold

I am electric.

By Jade Laurel Meshew

surreal poetry

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Jade Laurel

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