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by Sha Gaze 2 months ago in surreal poetry

Take me there

i want telepathic vision! The TV

i want to feel the script and characters reach into my psyche and locate me existentially

i want sincere acting, that blurs the lines of reality. Do the actors know what’s going to happen next?

i want a music score that slaps! Tones and binoreal beats. Heartbeat tracks. Hip hop!

i want anticipation, suspense and down time too.

i want a diverse and interesting cast of characters all with an episode each explaining their back stories.

i want a colour palette and cinematography that stays with me

i want stories with social justice, decolonisation, nature protection and evolution prioritised!

i want anti-war, anti-transphobia, anti-homophobia, anti-racism, anti-violence against women and children and anti-fascism explored and highlighted!

i want fantasy, sci fi and surrealism to feature!

i want free love, free gender expressions and free sexuality on display!

i dont want hetronormativity, nuclear families or hero worship!

i want costumes, sets and puppets!

i want to see the characters make mistakes and correct them.

i want to see characters who talk to themselves, who are mad and wounded and healing.

i want there to be disabled actors playing disabled characters!

i want to see fat actors!

i want to see Black, indigenous, brown and asian faces!

i want there to be clever comedy and mythology!

i want to cry at some point!

i want to see inventions and new names for things and new languages and worlds!

i want to feel on the edge of my seat!

i want every episode to feel like a movie!

surreal poetry
Sha Gaze
Sha Gaze
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Sha Gaze

Sha Gaze is a compulsive creator, nomadic fancy grrrl, dream weaver, nature boi. They believe in truth/soothe saying and maintaining the rage on the stage. They are here on earth for the good food, good fire and good friends.

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