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Ed, my dearest friend

by Alexandre 2 months ago in heartbreak · updated 2 months ago
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It’s time to let you go

Ed, my dearest friend
Photo by Elevate on Unsplash

Thank you for giving me a little bit of

Control at a time where I felt like I had

None. Thank you for making me feel pretty

And giving me some temporary sense of joy.

I appreciated you for being there for me

When I was all alone. Thank you for being a

Constant when everything around me kept

Changing. Now, I really need to tell you that

I don’t need you anymore. You’ve gotten to

Be toxic and I’m better off without you. Our

Relationship is one sided. I put in all this

Effort, just for you to tell me that I am too

Big. I work and I restrict and all you do is

Tell me I’m not good enough. When will I be

Enough? When will you love me for who I

Am? No matter what size I am. I need to be

With someone who respects me and cares

About my needs. You only care about

Looking “good”. You don’t care about my

Brain, my body and heart they need to

Survive. By choosing you, I put everything

At risk. I’m not that person anymore. And I

Know you’re going to resist me leaving and

It won’t be easy to leave you behind. But I’m

Taking back my power. You will no longer

Have control of my life.




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