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Echoes of the Soul: A Poetic Journey Through Depression

Navigating Shadows, Finding Light in the Symphony of Sorrow

By DERRIAN WALKERPublished 4 months ago ā€¢ 1 min read
Echoes of the Soul: A Poetic Journey Through Depression
Photo by Stormseeker on Unsplash

In shadows deep, where sunlight fears to tread,

A solemn soul, in sorrow's cloak is clad.

A dance with darkness, an unwelcome friend,

Depression's grip, a tale that has no end.

A heavy heart, burdened by the weight,

An endless struggle, an internal debate.

The world outside, a distant, fading hue,

As storm clouds gather, turning skies to blue.

Whispers of despair echo in the mind,

A haunting melody, no solace to find.

The symphony of sadness, a silent cry,

Invisible tears, falling from the eye.

A labyrinth of thoughts, a maze of pain,

Where sunshine struggles, but can't break the chain.

The walls closing in, a suffocating space,

A weary spirit, longing for embrace.

Yet, in the depths, a flicker remains,

A tiny ember, where hope sustains.

For even in darkness, a resilient bloom,

A chance to rise from impending doom.

Reach out, oh heart, for love's tender hand,

A lifeline woven from understanding strands.

For in connection's warmth, the shadows wane,

And healing whispers, like gentle rain.

To those who wander in the abyss,

Know that you are more than this.

A phoenix rising from the darkest night,

Emerging stronger, embracing light.

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