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Echoes of Love Across the Miles

The Longing Heart: Expressing the Pain of Distance in Love

By Jay VPublished 2 months ago 1 min read

Long distance relationships can be challenging and can test the strongest of bonds. When separated from the person you love, feelings of loneliness and longing can be overwhelming.

This poem captures the essence of those feelings, exploring the deep longing and ache of missing the person you hold dear from afar. It highlights the power of love, even in the face of distance and time, and speaks to the depth of our emotional connection with those we hold close in our hearts.

Distance, a cruel thief that steals my heart

From the one I love, a true work of art

Each day without them, feels like a year

My soul aches, shedding endless tear.

We're oceans apart, yet so close at heart

In memories, we never truly part

Though we may be far, our love is real

A bond that time and distance can't steal.

Every night, I look up to the sky

Hoping our love will reach, as I sigh

And as the stars twinkle, I know it's true

That my love for them, forever shines bright and true.

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Jay V

An aspiring writer who wish to leave a mark in history...

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