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Daylight, Dark light,

Has the moon lost its light?

Or is she lost, out on her own?

Searching for a new home?

Daylight, Dark light,

Where has the sun gone?

Is he scared, is he afraid?

Is he hiding under a haze?

High tide, low tide

What have we done with all the water?

Is it here, or is it there?

Actually its nowhere

High tide, low tide,

How did we get this far?

We've lost it for good

If only the people understood.

Our Earth, no Earth

What did WE do to our mother earth?

We've used her and abused her

And it's almost too late to cure her.

We've grown and flourished

We've built magnificent buildings and homes.

But what have we done

For our planet Earth in return?

We've cut down all her trees,

And used up all her water.

Polluted the air

With nuclear war fare.

We've killed the animals

And killed on another.

Man to man

Brother to brother.

Our past is bad

But our future is brighter!

Help save our planet,

It's all that we have.

Recycle, donate, volunteer,

Just get your voice heard loud and clear!

It doesn't matter your age,

It doesn't matter your race.

The clock is ticking

We're on the mission.

Our mission,

To save planet Earth, and all who inhabit her.

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Ashley Starkweather
Ashley Starkweather
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