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Eagles of The Sea

by Toby Heward about a month ago in inspirational
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Underwater Gliders

Eagles of The Sea
Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

Coasting the waters no matter the challenge,

searching for any good place to scavenge.

Eagles that soar but have no use for air,

they glide with elegance befitting the fair.

Slick and streamline with many tight features,

not many have seen such marvelous creatures.

Living in worlds very similar to our own,

their tough as nails; truly minds blown.

Closely related to fish known as sharks,

we'd think they live a life full of sparks.

However with time they've grown to be gentle,

living quite slowly, how very sentimental.

Little is known on these magnificent beasts,

if we aren't careful they'll soon be deceased.

Many of our oceans are filling with waste,

which wouldn't happen if we were more chaste.

The world is a treasure that must be preserved,

and one way is learning the ways of conserve.

Our world can stay beautiful as long as we care,

for if we do not it shall soon become quite bare.


About the author

Toby Heward

Creativity is boundless. We are gardeners that bring forth these fruits of wonder. Nature is my passion and I love to help readers see the stories with their own eyes through my works. Whether its poems, fact, or fiction I bring it to life.

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