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“Dying is Easy. Comedy is Very Hard.”

by Brandy Stewart about a year ago in social commentary
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And the crowd always Delights

“Dying is Easy. Comedy is Very Hard.”
Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

As the days pass and the nights and the mornings

We place the comedy masks over our faces

And the stage is set and the choir sings

And the bell always


As the curtain opens and the audience and the spotlights

We blind ourselves to perform

And the act begins and the director smites

And the crowd always


As the trap doors open and the falling and the “quickly!”

We plummet into the desolate darkness

And we land with a crack and the masks break off cleanly

And our faces show always


social commentary

About the author

Brandy Stewart

The sailors say I'm a fine girl. Graphic designer, illustrator, writer, reader, gamer, dreamer, storyteller. I make things and care about them. My life exists somewhere between painfully logical and lost in an overly complicated daydream.

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