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Dusted Amber Moon

Soul corner

By Amy ChristiePublished 2 months ago 1 min read

Blue light comes knocking on my window,

I step outside

to feel the air,

wind sends a warm embrace,

I feel soul cherished

home again,

forest comes closer in the night,

moon beckons from atop a tree,

can I reach one more branch,

one heart,

will I stay after embers go,

in love with darkness

and last amber kiss

sun sends before going

in underwater bliss?


I wanted to learn how to write,

put harmony in words that have a voice,

have moon looking down,

smiling for a while,

make jasmine tea,

surrender sadness

and the fright,

let velvet air linger

and touch

each corner of one soul,

each road is closed

breath still,

is there a way to take me back,

do I regret residing

in twilight?


Sunshine accords left mirror long ago,

a lifetime past, I was awake

with every bird song

and the daisies,

I knew the way back to my garden,

I listened to the song,

no words flowed in the air

and yet,

I wasn't lost,

and I never forgot.


Storms descended above my flowers,

I held each petal one last time,

in anguish

regrets spill,


the only friends I kept,

tears became a rainbow,

I left behind all colors,

no sadness


touched heart since then

what I once lost

I will not have

or leave



I cannot touch the amber water,

moon holds my promise

for a day,

a life,

of no sunshine

or glowing wishes,

no laughter to alight,

I belong in the darkness,

I am the guide

and guided

down under,

beyond whispers

and all hope,

I watch the moon,

I feel blue eyes,

seeing me once again,

wherever I may follow

I will find

my amber

loving dust.


© 2022 Amy Christie

Originally published on NewsBreak

Photo credit: Pexels


About the Creator

Amy Christie

Passionate writer and journalist, striving to create meaningful connections.

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