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Dumb Blonde?

there's always one who thinks so...

By Heather HublerPublished 6 days ago 1 min read
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There once was a maiden with hair so fair,

She went to college for science, yes–she did dare,

Gasp how could that be?

'She can't be as smart as me,'

Said the male chauvinist, completely unaware.


A funny but not funny thing - I wanted to use a blonde, curly-haired woman with a graduation cap for my cover photo and could only find TWO in CanvaPro. All the rest had dark hair. Good grief. And yes, if you have an inquiring mind, I do have a degree in science and faced this mentality quite often.

Written for the Ludicrous Limerick challenge.

Thank you for reading!


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Comments (14)

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  • Lamar Wiggins4 days ago

    Ha! Good one. I bet the smartest person in the world is the stereotypical dumb blond!

  • F. Anne Fischer5 days ago

    I am also a female scientist, but an fortunate enough to be a brunette. Great limerick!

  • Awww, you should have put your beautiful face up there! Loved your limerick!

  • Caroline Craven5 days ago

    Great job!

  • Diani Alvarenga5 days ago

    Love this! Reminds me of suite life of zack and Cody, instead of making London the smart one they decided that Maddie should be the smart one!

  • Paul Stewart5 days ago


  • Kendall Defoe5 days ago

    Ah, I like this one!

  • A nice slam against systemic sexism!

  • 🤣✨❤️👍

  • Harmony Kent6 days ago

    OMG, Heather! Sad to say things haven't changed much. Wonderfully expressed and a fun limerick 💕😊

  • Nice, I get what you mean. When my mom couldn't solve a problem they would call her "the dumb bimbo." Yet, when she aced her classes and career with flying colors she would be called "the smart bimbo." Dudes hated her cause (well for one thing skin color, but that's a different layer to the story), but she was also attractive and smart. They also didn't like her cause she didn't want to date them and that she was witty too. Can't say something mean to her without expecting backlash. Now, my own perspective. Do I think women are smart? Yes, absolutely. Do I enjoy dumb women jokes? Nope, never really heard them. Especially with as educated as my mother is, I sort of take offense to that, especially when other women try to hold other women down, or try to hold their intelligence as the highest standard when they don't have any form of academic nor career developing achievements. As a boy, growing up, I never wanted to be seen as less smart than a girl. At the bare minimum, I always wanted to be known as equals. There was always a "boys vs girls" thing going on. Whether it was with sports or knowledge, the competition was always fierce. Empowering girls does not mean devaluing boys, and vice versa. To display that a woman is strong or smart does not mean that she needs a weak and stupid male for comparison. Think of SpongeBob and Sandy Cheeks as an example. Sure, they're fictional characters, but they push the narrative. There's a lot of good being done for the advancement of people who were marginalized based on sex, race, disability, etc. However, as we lift people up, it doesn't mean that we to push other people down. Sorry, this comments getting to deep. You had a simple message and I just made it worse. My bad, Heather. Nice limerick though.

  • Cathy holmes6 days ago

    Perfect for a Nerd like you, my friend. Love it.

  • JBaz6 days ago

    You should have used your Picture. 😀

  • Good one.

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