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"Chapters of life passing in a blur; Moments of joy like sparks in fire."

By Frida Ramos They/herPublished 10 months ago 1 min read
"My indecisive mind not knowing where to start."

Wandering toward familiar energies.

Fear holding me back from potential destinies.

Chapters of life passing in a blur;

Moments of joy like sparks in fire.

Envious of other's; their success isn't mine.

Clouding my senses, leaving me blind.

Moving forward with eagerness but doubt in my heart.

My indecisive mind not knowing where to start.

Back and forth; inspiration and despair.

Focused and driven; will I ever get there?

Encouraging whispers become louder,

wanting attention in a mind full of clutter

Positivity only here for short visits;

Pushing me forward in small increments.

Exhausted of the aimless routine.

Searching for something I have never seen.

Maybe the day is already here

But to me it is not clear.

As of now all I have is potential;

In hopes that one day it will be influential.

Even on gray days

I will surely find ways.

Today and tomorrow; days will keep on moving.

Through sunshine and sorrow; my goals I'll keep pursuing.

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Frida Ramos They/her

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