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Down to pawnshop

by Nik Hein about a month ago in sad poetry
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In search of life

Down to pawnshop
Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

I trade lies for the truth

with surcharge.

In good condition,


with a set of replacement faces.

All certified

no packing,

(available for extra cash).

Also, buying a dream,

(do not offer the wingless),

Price depending

on the degree of incompleteness.

Giving up cheaply

surplus brute force

or can exchange it

for some pieces of love,

or maybe friendship.

All prices are negotiable.

No free delivery.

Call for pickup on Wednesdays

and Fridays until 12 am.

Always buying spare parts for

happiness, luck, and serenity.

Call now,

and maybe I’ll find

what I’ve been looking for

all my life.

sad poetry

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Nik Hein

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