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Down The Middle

by Negomi Oak Rhetts 5 months ago in inspirational

A poem

Spills out,

on the cold floor tilling,

your life,

from a bag,

split down the middle.

Like your head,

When you left,

And he stayed.

Both stung.

Both to blame.

Split down the middle,

like your heart,

which sits stunned,

in the cracked, black cave of your chest.

Split down the middle,

like your family,

who wear smiles,

half-way masks,

not quite reaching,

pitying eyes,

looking from yours to the floor.

Split down the middle,

like the promises made,

so long ago,

with faith that fades,

and hope lost for good.

Split down the middle,

like your trust,

which sticks to the edges,

not daring to be free.

Split down the middle,

each side of you,


from needing to leave

hating to remain,

dreading life alone,

dreading life attached.

Split down the middle,

for you to sew back up,

and you did,

in a mess,

over years,

with holes & pricked fingers.

But you did,


that split down the middle,

with shaking hands,

sweating brow,

crying eyes,

stony face,

strong back.

And forced yourself,

to be whole,

or close to whole,

and most days,


that you were ever,

split down the middle.

- negomi oak rhetts

Negomi Oak Rhetts
Negomi Oak Rhetts
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Negomi Oak Rhetts

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