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by Duanyell Williams 5 years ago in love poems
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'Hopes of a Sapiosexual'

Let me hack through your mind like it's a goddamn thicket

You're not wicked

Just get some rest

Drench my chest

Don't stress

Drop your heavy boulder

I'll lend you my shoulder

Let me get closer

Don't push and shove

I wanna show you love in the form of flux

Meeting you will be like falling under Luck's eye

I'm trying to find a beating heart through the darkest shades of blue

And when I do

Just fucking let me love you

Physical's physical

It's not intimate

Two shells can't blend and transcend...

Now, this is bold

But I just want your soul

I'm cold and it's white hot gold

Shaped like an ascending dove

You can have all of my love

There's nothing above

You and me

We can travel planes of existence

In perfect bliss

Hence my insistence

Just let me love you and we can live by the truth

When we find out what it is

We can take the quiz


We can best any weather

Make it out even better

With no strife

So we can beat this silly game of life

Just figure the rules with mental duels

Like chess

Or choji in our nest

Maybe through mahjong

With Socratic tongues

Divine this and we can be timeless

Another sage and a muse

It's not a ruse

Aspire to inspire all with our shared heart

It's objective art

Like Leonardo's art

Dreams of you make me wish to never wake

I only animate in case it'll be the day our grey minds finally collide

There's nothing to hide

It's true

My sun rises so that I can one day find you

love poems

About the author

Duanyell Williams

I like to tell stories.

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