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Double The Pleasure

Doubling Up The Fun

By Hajii Brown Published 2 years ago 1 min read
Double The Pleasure
Photo by Nicolas Ladino Silva on Unsplash

Mellow, fellow crying the blues.

Two loves in my life and I had to choose.

One or the other, I found it very difficult.

Let me explain how the situation felt.

Sara was a girl who made me feel, like nothing else in the world, yes her love was real.

Her hazel eyes looked right through me. And when we made love, this teacher schooled me.

Put me through the basics, pleasure principle.

Warmed up my body like a goose-down winter coat.

No way another could take me, into their oven - Sara had already baked me.

She was my woman. A sweet sexy lady.

No one else could have me if they paid me.

And I can go on a real long talk, but let me tell you about the other girl I met on my pleasure walk.

Her name was Tara and from the start, I could understand how she found a spot in my heart.

Her pretty soft voice made me hear, that I would always have to treat her with tender loving care.

She had all the looks to match up to Sara.

Except this time I was the teacher of Tara.

Yin and Yang, two different styles to measure.

But these are the reasons I wanted Double The Pleasure...

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Hajii Brown

Hajii Brown, a naturally gifted writer, has been writing throughout many years. Although his main focus is health & fitness, he loves writing on a wide variety of topics and poetry.

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