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and a circle

By C. E. FintusPublished 6 months ago Updated 6 months ago 1 min read
Dots and a Circle


one tip to paper

one tap just a dot

black ink one mark

don’t miss a spot dot dot

call it what you want

not random fill the dot

black ink tiny taps

tip top one dot


Thanks for reading 40 words about ink dots and a circle

Below is a short excerpt about my relationship with those ink dots and a circle…

“The circle was nearly complete and its powers became a distraction. I refocused and dug in. I felt the calm rush over me and I became heavy and grounded in my chair. The push and pull of the inked circle, the perfect circle, ebbed and flowed like the ocean. A calm flat sea-like glass rocked in the comfort of black ink. The drawing was not complete, but the process was just as important as the finished piece. I would make another and another, like reading a great book over and over or watching a favorite movie because of its ease.”

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C. E. Fintus

Draw • Paint • Write • Build • Parent • Cook • Urban Dweller • Not always in that order

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