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Doomed Future

by Kristen Renee about a year ago in social commentary
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A Glimpse Ahead

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We stand facing a dark time never seen before,

Hurricanes are leaving our people displaced,

Earthquakes now shake foreign lands,

Polorcaps are melting into polluted oceans,

Our atmosphere is disappearing,

Resources dwindle as our numbers grow

Loss quickly catches us and we’ll soon be gone,

Violence on the rise even knowing right from wrong,

Children taken from their beds never seen again,

Teenagers act grown by having babies,

Elderly are no longer seen as wise,

Love is just a word without value

Solutions require thought and execution,

Our thoughtless actions have been destroying the world,

Children hold the key to being saved,

Help by giving them strength, hope, and knowledge,

We should look forward with optimism,

After all it only takes one to change the world

social commentary

About the author

Kristen Renee

Kristen Renee (Robledo)

Writer of poems, short stories, and soon a novel.

Six "Editor's Choice Awards" (1997-2011)

Published in the Library of Congress

Bachelor's Degree in English

Master's Degree in Business Administration

Collector of Books

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