Don't See Right Through Me

by Matthew Martin about a year ago in love poems

I know who I can be.

Don't See Right Through Me

I see you,

I see the fame,

I see the name,

And I see how

I can’t tame


With as much success

As you dress yourself with,

I listen to the music,

The beats

Dance through

My Beats

With such passion,

Such fashion,

That I couldn’t cash in

All the emotions

I felt,

You made

My heart melt.

But I then realized

What I’m seeing,

I’m not seeing

The being,

I’m only seeing

The popularity,

Without seeing

The rarity

Of someone like


Who only takes a boo

Once in a generation

So they can


The entire nation,

Even though on the inside,

They have something

They hide,

The true person,

The true self,

The true being

Underneath the being

Of celebrity status,

That’s taken a



And to this self I say;

I want to see you,

I want to free you,

I want to meet you

Face to face

In a place

With lots of space,

But First;

I know

I’m not what you thirst.

I know

I’m not the guy

You drop

Your savings

To buy,

I know

I’m not as


But I promise you,

I’m respectful,

So please,

Don’t pass

By me with ease,

Don’t see right through me,

Because I’m not

At the degree

You’re occupying,

Because I’m trying,

I’m dying

To see you

For who you are,

Since I

Am underneath

The bar

You set so damn high,

You’re flying,

As I’m untying


Trying to

Get off the ground,

Trying to

Make a sound,

Just because

I’m down here,

Does not mean

I’m cheap beer,

I’ll respect you,

I won’t defect from you,

I’ll give you love,

And I don’t mean

When I’m above,

I don’t mean

Kind of

Sort of,

I mean

Person to person

Human to human

Being to being,

I won’t be fleeing,

So please

Give me a chance

As I make

My words dance

This is my stance

As I glance

I hope that you advance

I’m stuck in this trance

I know

Who I can be,

So please,

Don’t see right through me.


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